Rajesh Pathak

Once upon a time, Chandni and Bholu lived in a village. Bholu was a simple parrot catcher. What God used to give him; he was satisfied with that. 

Bholu never killed any parrot. He used to catch them, cage them and sell them in the pet's market after teaching them some sentences to make them look invaluable. 

His wife Chandni, on the contrary, was greedy and arrogant. She wanted to become rich by any means and that too sooner. She used to tease and harass Bholu for being so satisfied with his life. Bholu never reacted strongly to his wife. 

One fine early morning, Bholu went to jungle to catch parrots. He went deep inside the jungle when he couldn’t find any parrot. 

Suddenly he noticed something silver was shining on the branch of a tree. He went near and he was very surprised to see a silver parrot. 

As soon as he took out his bird catching instruments to catch this silver rare parrot, the silver parrot started talking to him in a human voice. 

The silver parrot said that if Bholu promised to leave him alone then Bholu could ask for any one wish and it would be granted to him on the spot. Bholu agreed. 

He thought for some time and being a simpler person, he asked for some vegetables so that his wife could cook dinner in the evening. 

His wish was immediately fulfilled. Bholu took the vegetables, left the Parrot alone as promised and went back to his house in the evening. 

He described everything to his wife with astonishment. His wife Chandni listened to him carefully. Then she told him to try to catch the parrot every day and leave the parrot only when it fulfils their one wish. 

Bholu was disturbed with his wife’s greedy behaviour. But he had no courage to stand against his arrogant wife. So, he agreed. In this way, 

Bholu and his wife became very rich and famous in no time. 

Once the silver parrot asked Bholu for the reason to visit the place again and again even after becoming so rich. 

Bholu told about the miserable condition that his wife made for him. 

This made the silver Parrot very angry. He said that he would have never helped if he knew about his wife’s greed and arrogancy. He kept fulfilling wishes because he started liking Bholu’s simplicity. 

He told Bholu to go back to his house. Parrot now granted a last wish to Bholu even before Bholu could ask for anything. 

The silver parrot said that Bholu would never have to come again to disturb the Parrot’s peace and Bholu will also leave peacefully. 

Bholu didn’t understand anything but left silently. 

As he reached his house, he saw a cow instead of his wife. The cow was none other than his wife who talked to him in human voice. 

Bholu now understood what had happened. The greed of the woman got better of her finally. 

Bholu started taking milk from the cow every morning and became a milkman. Soon he became rich and married another woman who was very loving and caring towards him and others. 

So, the moral of the story is that too much greed and making others suffer never go unpunished.

Story writer: Rajesh Pathak

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