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MS Excel is used in almost every organization. For MS Excel, I can say ‘variety is the spice of life’. 😊

MS Excel helps in calculations, creating reports, creating dashboards, fetching data, data sorting, data filtering, data validation, data analysis, data cleaning, data automation and creating charts.

It contains 400+ Excel functions. Learning most of the common functions like VLOOKUP, IF, COUNT, RANDBETWEEN helps in performing activities quite efficiently.

You can automate your time-consuming activities using macro recording or VBA for Excel. 👏

Not learning this great software is your own loss. 🙄

You take too much time to complete your job. You feel frustrated in
your job by doing mundane tasks on a daily basis. 😥

You struggle with your data and you don’t know how to handle those big Excel files.

It is important to learn MS Excel in a systematic manner and practice regularly what you have learnt.

So, are you ready to take the leap and add another feather in your cap by learning the useful software called MS Excel? 

Download HD videos of 'what if analysis' tools of Excel. Learn to perform budgeting and forecasting.

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Download 300+ HD videos + eBooks + Excel files. This course is rich in both content and knowledge.

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Download HD videos of some of the most interesting Microsoft Excel skills for only Rs.2,000/-.

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Download HD videos to learn data analysis using Advanced Pivot Table techniques.

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