It was a dream come true when humans first learnt how to fly an airplane. This achievement step by step took many shapes for passenger aircrafts. Many modernizations and technical developments happened to make the passenger air travel more comfortable. Be it big passenger airlines, chartered planes or helicopters, we have seen many new technological inventions for each in past few decades for entertainment and comfort. However, the biggest challenge till date is safety of passengers in the middle of the air in case of technical issues or fire.

It's a well-known fact that when an aircraft faces technical issue in the middle of the air, the gravitational force of the earth starts showing its power. It pulls the aircraft downwards and that too with great force. That force is so powerful that aircrafts have little chance to survive. Result, loss of lives. Only a miracle can save the aircraft from damage and fire. No monetary compensation from Government and airlines companies can replace the loved ones lost in such incidents. Family members and friends lost in these incidents, their love, their affection, their support will never come back.

Can air travel be made safer? Some suggestions.

Nobody can challenge the intelligence of human minds after seeing what humans have achieved technologically till now. However, this is really surprising and hard to believe that when humans learnt to fly, they never considered the safety of their own lives and the lives of fellow humans. If you collect the data, you will be shocked to see how many lives have been lost in commercial airlines accidents till date. 

Do you really think that humans are not enough intelligent to stop this loss of lives in future? I don't agree with you. If all those intelligent scientists, technicians and mathematicians work together, I am sure they can find a suitable solution for the safe landing of all passengers before the aircrafts explode. Below I am suggesting some points:

  1. When a fighter jet pilot finds himself/herself in danger because of some technical issue of the fighter plane in the middle of the air, he/she has the lifesaving facility to eject from that plane and land safely with the help of parachute. His/her life is, thus, saved. This can be one of the solutions for commercial airlines/helicopters/chartered planes. Safe ejection of all passengers. Forget the luggage, save the lives.
  2. Like big commercial ships carry lifeboats, maybe people can be made to sit on such lifeboats with parachute facility inside the plane. Once they eject from burning aircraft, parachute opens and lifeboats land safely on ground or water.
  3. Straight from Hollywood space movies. When a space shuttle catches fire, crew sits in an attached capsule and escapes from burning spacecraft. Similar idea can be implemented for aircrafts/helicopters too.
  4. When fire breaks in a commercial building having offices, fire extinguishers on the roof starts sprinkling water to douse the fire. Maybe, same fire extinguishers and sensors can help to douse fire in aircraft's engines too.
  5. Bird hit is common for aircrafts. I think using thin but sturdy metal nets on the windshield and engines can reduce the chances of bird hits.

Right now, for some people, above live saving solutions may seem to be silly, idiotic, impossible, impractical, absurd, funny and so on. But in the world of technology and inventions, this is not at all impossible. Major changes in the design of aircrafts need to be done because current design has no place for the safe ejection of passengers and crew at the time of emergency.

I have full faith in inventors. Serious thought and right approach towards this issue will certainly make future air travel safe for all passengers. People won't lose their loved ones. People won't live entire life with nightmares, trauma, depression and anxiety.

Looking for the God gifted brains to make air travel safer for all. Signing off. God bless.  

{Author: Rajesh Pathak | Publish Date: 18th December, 2021}

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