Software, Coding Sessions

Software, Coding Sessions

Software, Coding Sessions

For both Indian and international clients

*Please discuss with me on phone about your requirements before I hand over the project to an expert.

Price range: Rs.9,000 - Rs.25,000
Refund Policy: Please check the Purchase Flow and Refund Policy page


Mobile: 9818052581/ Landline: 011-40105137 (Timing: 9 am to 7 pm IST, Monday to Friday)

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What will professionals do for you?

Professionals will teach you big data science in R. They will train you on how to use QuickBooks online. They will give python and opencv, pandas, tensorflow, training online. They will give you training of magento2. They will provide sql, arduino training online. 

They will provide salesforce cpq training online. They will be able to train you on the basics of c, java, jquery, rest web services, sql via online sessions. They will be your online linux , itil trainer. They will provide web development and designing training online. 

They will be your online aftereffects trainer. They will teach vb net, c sharp, java, spring framework, spring boot, microcontroller, hibernate, angular, sql, web online. They will tutor, help and teach you to code python from the beginning. 

They will teach you html5, css3, javascript, react, mongodb, postgres, express js, redux js, react native node js, firebase, docker. They will assist you in computer science, software engineering and information technology. They will teach you wordpress, one to one. T

hey will teach you unreal engine 4. They will be your machine learning tutor via skype or zoom. They will help you in artificial intelligence learning, python machine learning and deep learning. They will teach you how to code in c sharp. They will tutor you in html, css, bootstrap, javascript and aspnetmvc. They will teach coding to kids 6 to 14 age in English or Hindi. 

They will teach vb net, c sharp, java, sql, web online. They will teach web development with django. They will setup online radio station and teach you operating. They will teach you pentesting from scratch. 

They will teach you ms sql server database management, queries, functions. They will be your tutor of database and programming. They will assist you in matlab projects, image processing, signal processing and gui. They will teach and coach you to pass your psm and csm certification. 

They will teach splunk and create custom dashboards. They will teach how to code trading robots. They will tutor you in python, gis, statistics, and data science. They will teach c sharp dot net solid principles single session. 

They will teach you data structures and analysis of algorithm. They will tutor you c and cpp from beginner to expert. They will tutor web programming and make you a python or django developer. They will teach basics of blockchain technology. 

They will make you git and github master, solve issues and teach. They will help with your bitbucket, jenkins, ci cd pipeline. They will introduce you to use git for versioning your code and collaborate with others. They will teach you cheat engine. They will guide you and teach you how to be a laravel and vuejs developer. 

They will teach you the basics of unity game development. They will teach professional game development in unity. They will teach you game development using godot engine via zoom. They will teach you how to make videogame assets. 

They will tutor you in r programming for data science. They will make you master rtos real time operating systems. They will teach you mobile app development and web development. They will teach penetration testing and kali linux lectures. 

They will teach you aspnet core and data scrapping. They will teach you cloud computing and docker containers. They will teach you how to develop minecraft plugins. They will teach you front end development with angular. They will teach you roblox, roblox lua, animation and games one on one. They will teach you about data communication and networks. 

They will teach you power shell scripting. They will teach you the basics of rsa. They will teach you flutter development and dart. They will teach you php, cakephp, claravel, programming lessons via skype. They will teach sql query, mysql, tableau, power bi, domo, qlik sense. They will teach you PowerShell and writing windows automation. 

They will teach you agile software development in PHP or kotlin., Will teach you shopify drop shipping. They will teach you power apps. They will give you technical or functional lessons on odoo. They will teach ruby on rails. They will teach you divi or elementor or oxygen. They will teach you web scraping using python, bs4, requests, selenium. 

They will teach you how to use trello or jira sw. They will teach zabbix. They will teach mit scratch to kids of age 6 to 15. They will teach you how to use Microsoft azure, cloud, text to speech, no coding needed. They will train you to use google cloud. They will teach you SAS. They will teach you supercollider and sound programming. 

They will teach you programming or development with mern stack. They will give you a resell android studio course 500 videos 15gb. They will be your private tutor for web design and development. They will teach you to turn readability and SEO green by yoast. They will teach you software programming asp dot net mvc. They will teach you for ccna or networkplus certification. 

They will teach you online how to use google docs sheets and slides. They will tutor you online on any topic related to vlsi. They will teach kubernetes docker reactjs reactnative. They will teach you how to integrate crashlytics and analytics into your mobile app. They will teach you how to make a discord bot. They will teach you how to use a bot for rtx 30 series and cpus.

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