Singers, Vocalists

Singers, Vocalists

Singers/Vocalists Services

For both Indian and international clients

*Please discuss with me on phone about your requirements before I hand over the project to an expert.

Price range: Rs.5,000 - Rs.25,000
Refund Policy: Please check the Purchase Flow and Refund Policy page


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What will professionals do for you?


Professionals will record professional vocals to your song ideas and deliver them as a high-quality audio file. They will be your male singer, rapper, and producer. They will create a great melody, record professional vocals, and background vocals for your project. They will make you the best vocal arrangements. 

They will be your powerful female vocalist or singer pop rock edm. They will sing vocals for your song. They will be your male pop, folk, soul, rock, and blues vocalist, singer, and guitarist. They will be your angelic female vocalist singer pianist songwriter. They will be your male singer and songwriter. They will sing male vocals on your track. They will be your versatile female vocalist or singer. They will sing and record professional vocals for you. 

They will be your pro female singer songwriter in multiple genres. They will soulfully sing for your project and bring it to life. They will be your female singer or rapper for your hip hop or rnb song. They will sing smooth female vocals with layered harmonies. They will sing high quality female lead or backing vocals. They will sing and or write your song or chorus. 

They will be your blues, rock, hard rock, alternative or metal singer. They will be your rnb, pop, soul male singer in English. They will be your versatile and multilingual female singer. They will sing your gospel, worship, and soul songs. They will sing on your track. 

They will be your singer and songwriter on your gospel music project. They will sing in Jamaican accent on your track. They will sing in clean, high pitch, scream, growl, and opera styles. They will sing your country or rockabilly song with deep emotion. They will sing anything in a barbershop quartet. They will sing in a deep bass baritone voice or in country style. They will sing your jingle in a catchy acapella harmony style or deep voice. They will review your music and publish on sleeping bag studios music site. 

They will sing Disney and musical theatre vocals. They will be your super affordable male vocalist for rock, pop, or theatre. They will sing soprano and mezzo soprano, classical, choral, and musical theatre styles. They will provide male vocals soul, pop, jazz, musical theatre. They will sing 15 secs of soul, pop, jazz, or musical theatre male vocals. They will perform your original musical theatre song. They will sing in traditional, folk, or musical theatre style.


Professionals will sing exotic Indian vocals to your song. They will be your female singer in English, Hindi, Urdu or Punjabi. They will sing and compose children's songs and nursery rhymes in male and female voices. They will sing Indian mantra chants for you. They will be your female vocalist or singer for your tracks. They will write and sing a song with music production. 

They will compose and sing your message. They will make your pet sing happy birthday video. They will sing Tamil, Malayalam songs. They will sing Bollywood song of your choice. They will do music production, compose, sing and be music producer for tabla, harmonium. They will sing kids nursery rhymes and record narrations. They will sing and play guitar for you.

Professionals will transcribe your audio file to sheet music for singing. They will publish singer songwriter interview with Instagram shoutout.