Will the leader be trusted ever again if he/she fails?
Rajesh Pathak
I was into Leadership role for about 7 years, and I liked this role very much despite of all the challenges I had to face. Failure is ok if you have learnt from your mistakes and have taken steps to ensure a better and safe future. Failures are often called experiences.

A Leader does the actual troubleshooting and handles actual responsibilities along with the team.

As a Leader, you need to learn how to forecast the future. You need to keep an eye even on the best of the resource you have in your team as you never know what is going on his/her mind and he/she might give you a not-so-pleasant surprise like sudden resignation in short notice for his/her better future in a better company.

Never try to mess up with the lazy or not-so-favourite team members of your team. They might be the best friends of other team members and can form group to teach you a lesson. Just try to get the work done as per office specifications and avoid conflicts, arguments, and unwanted meetings. You can take care of lazy/disobedient people during appraisal, only after discussing with your boss. You take your own call, and you will be held responsible for someone else’s misdeeds. Backup your decisions with facts and figures always.

Never accept any new assignment or work of some other team if you have the feeling that you have limited resources in your team and there is not much scope to do more. Here you need to consider back-up planning, planned and unplanned leaves, attrition chances and any unforeseen situation. Eat only what you can digest. Don’t try to impress others unnecessarily as it can backfire if plan doesn’t work according to your wish.

Beware of office politics and your seniors and colleagues. They can try to trap you in some or the other way if they see you becoming successful and gaining management’s attention. Don’t trust their instructions, advise or gossips and always cross check with your immediate boss before taking any action simply based on their words.

Beware of over friendly juniors of other teams. They gossip with you as your friend. But will give every detail of your team and your plans to their own bosses to earn points and their appreciation.

Always try to keep one or two people close to you who can vouch for your good deeds and efforts when rest of the world is against you. Keep them happy and give them what they want based on their merits and calibre.