What are the drawbacks of older versions of MS office?
Rajesh Pathak
In older version of MS Office, you were required to do many tasks manually because many features were missing.

Updated version provides excellent tools and time saving features to make your life easy. For example, in updated version of MS Excel, you learn more time saving techniques by using new tools like Power Query to extract and mashup your data.

Excel 2019 has search feature known as ‘Tell me what you want to do’. You don’t have to go to Google or Excel’s help section to find out a feature of excel. This search box helps you to search the tool that you are looking for.

Earlier we had to use formulas to color alternate rows in a table. But Excel’s table feature easily does the job for you now.

Similarly, in PowerPoint, you now have 3D animation, video editing feature, new templates and designs, design ideas, presenter's view, and many other new and useful features.