Should your manager force you to work after office hours and over weekend?
Rajesh Pathak
Working for long hours should be done only for short period of time in case of some crisis, to help the team. That should not become a norm.

Remember that good companies and good managers never insist their employees to work for long hours or to work during weekends. They value the well being of their employees.

Only those managers make such requests who are incapable of handling the teams and projects. When things go haywire, they create such kind of unhealthy working environment in offices. Managers and leaders are supposed to create a healthy and productive work environment in offices instead of creating unhealthy, biased or threatening atmosphere.

Office pays you for 8 hours of work. This is how your salary structure has been prepared. If they are not paying any extra incentive or overtime, you have all the right to speak about that. I have seen employees in the companies where I worked to be vocal about the same and getting extra money for extra work. No manager can force the workforce to work extra hours. They can only try to influence or motivate.

Working for long hours won’t help you in the long run. Your personal life gets affected. Your health takes a toll. Your social life goes for a toss. You don’t get enough sleep. Only your office is the winner which will one day forget all your contributions easily and replace you with another employee in the name of downsizing, cost cutting or something else. That’s the hard truth of corporate world.

Ask your Manager if office is planning to offer some kind of extra payment for extra hours. If not, then tell upfront that you are not interested. If required, change you job.