List some inspiring/motivational movies
Rajesh Pathak
I can list some of my favourite motivational movies as below:
  • Taare Zameen Par (teaches to be more human towards those who need help instead of mocking them)
  • Chak De India (teaches how to do a comeback after failure)
  • Lagaan (teaches to be courageous enough to face adversities instead of simply accepting the tyranny)
  • Behind enemy lines/Black hawk down/Top Gun (teaches discipline, courage, patriotism, bravery)
  • Avataar (teaches standing for good and against evil, even God and nature supports the cause)
  • Titanic (Love, Bonding, Ship’s captain’s sense of responsibility and courage, crew member’s sacrifice)
  • Three Idiots (Be educated and humble. Learn professional skills, success will follow)
  • Bol Bachhan, Golmaal part 1, chashme baddoor, home alone series (teaches laughter. Yes, an important ingredient for living a wonderful life)
  • Munnabhai series ( learn Gandhigiri, not violence)