List of important MS Excel tools for office work
Rajesh Pathak
Here is a list of some of the important and frequently used MS Excel tools in offices:
  1. Control C for copy
  2. Control V for paste
  3. Format painter and double click format painter to copy formatting of one cell to other cell or cells
  4. Font size, font colour, fonts, bold, italic, underline
  5. Text alignment
  6. Wrap text to bring your text in one cell
  7. Number formatting to use dates, percentages, etc.
  8. Conditional formatting
  9. Control T to convert range table into Excel table
  10. Auto sum to quickly add numbers in a row or column
  11. Sorting and filtering
  12. Pivot tables to summarize and analyze data
  13. Charts
  14. Slicer and timeline to filter data
  15. Print area to select the area you want to print
  16. Gridlines to appear or disappear from worksheet
  17. Excel formulas
  18. Name manager to use defined names in Excel formulas
  19. Power query to mash up and analyze data
  20. New comment to insert comment box in cell
  21. Freeze panes to freeze rows or columns
  22. Macros to record macros
  23. Shortcut keys to speed up the work in Excel
  24. Hyperlinking to link various cells or worksheets
  25. Flash fill to quickly split or merge data