I plan each day but end up procrastinating. How can I get rid of this habit?
Rajesh Pathak
You need to instill in yourself either the greed of success or the fear of failure in life. Compare yourself with your friends, relatives, colleagues, and neighbors. See what they have which you don’t possess? What are they enjoying which you are not?

Wasting time will eventually cost you a lot in future. Using time wisely will make you a successful person.

If you have certain important things on your mind, then fix a time to complete them. Fix that time of the day or night which you think is free from all distractions and disturbances.

Discipline yourself and diligently follow the activity till you complete it. Don’t let anybody disturb you when you are at work.

Your first success will give you the inspiration and guidance to tackle things in future yourself without taking anybody’s support.