How to overcome depression when you are not getting desired result in life?
Rajesh Pathak
Yes, that happens to many people. That is sheer hard luck and nothing else. Whatever effort one puts, result is not as per expectation. If you have good intention in life, if you want to be a successful person, if you are working hard to achieve your goals and still not getting the desired outcome, then don’t blame yourself.

One can’t fight hard luck. But again, as season doesn’t remain same in a year, one’s time doesn’t remain same throughout one’s lifetime. Success will certainly knock your door one day, my friend.

You can learn from the lives of many well-known personalities like Boman Irani. He was a small-time photographer before he became a giant in entertainment industry. That too at the age when people just quit try everything new.

Look at the life of Amrish Puri. He was rejected as an actor. How big eventually he became in his life. Om Puri was so poverty stricken and he rose to a stature that people love him for his work.
Amitabh Bachchan and Anupam Kher almost lost everything due to tough times. But again, they worked hard and regained their positions in life.

There are many other examples that you can find out yourself to lift your spirits. Those who are successful had to go through rough phases in their lives too. But they are successful because they didn’t give up. They had a dream which they couldn’t leave for any cost.

You need to keep your spirits high. Learn new skills. You are still young. Try to open new avenues for you. Create new opportunities for you. See what new skills you can add up in your resume. Don’t lose heart so soon.

Due to the tough luck, you might face setbacks in your studies or your endeavors. But don’t give up. Keep working hard with a solid resolution that you will defeat your tough luck and silent your critics one day with your success and recognition.

No one supports weak people. People with good times are there to make fun of others or make weak people feel more inferior.

You yourself must rise against all odds and come up as a winner. This is how finally you will get name, fame, and recognition.