How do you talk confidently in a conference call or a meeting when your teammates are around?
Rajesh Pathak
Preparation is the first step. First, you need to know the agenda of the meeting in advance. Then prepare yourself with the points you want to discuss or the contributions/suggestions you want to bring on the table. Note them down on a piece of paper using bullets or numbers.

Rehearse your speech and tone to win the confidence of the people around you. If you are confident and sure that what you are going to say is worth listening and useful, then you can easily convince others. Better if you can backup with facts and figures, if necessary.

When meeting or call begins, wait for your turn before you start sharing what you want to share. Don’t interrupt others when they are talking. Also, be open minded. If someone doesn’t agree with your points, don’t feel hurt or take it personally. Try to understand their point of view and evaluate if they are correct. Make necessary changes in your thoughts or plans accordingly. Other's viewpoint is often helpful.

You should not dictate your points or try to impose your thoughts on others. That is impolite. Rather, try to invite opinion of other people on what you have discussed. Try to win votes and friends instead of creating unnecessary competition. If you lose on voting, then it is time to prepare in a better way next time so that people like your viewpoint. Winning the meeting is not important, maintaining healthy relationship with others is more important. If people like you, they will certainly accept your viewpoints in future.