How do you rename a chart in Excel?
Rajesh Pathak
When using VBA, we can activate a chart by it's name. At that time, it would be far easier for us to refer to a valid chart name instead of what Excel creates by default in the order we have created charts like Chart 5 or Chart 6.

To rename a chart in Excel 2019, follow below steps:
  • Select the chart
  • Go to format ribbon tab
  • Click on 'selection pane' button. Selection task pane opens on the right.
  • From the chart list available, double click on the target chart name that needs to be renamed
  • Rename the chart in the box where cursor is blinking
  • Hit Enter. Chart gets renamed.

How should you print an Excel chart?
You can follow below steps to print an Excel chart:
  • Select the chart by clicking on it
  • Use Control P to open print window in Excel
  • Excel shows the print preview on right
  • Make necessary changes, if needed by using the given tools in print window
  • Select your printer name from the 'printer' drop-down menu
  • Click on print to print the chart.

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