How can one make best use of one's free time?
Rajesh Pathak
Depending on your age, I think the most important thing that you can do is not to waste your free time.

You can learn some personal development skills, foreign language, and computer skills.
Also, it is nice to make a habit of reading motivational books and stories which will help you always during your life journey.

You can join some social organization and help the needy.

You can learn some nice sports/games. Joining a gym will keep your mind and body healthy.

You can travel and see the tourist places where you are staying. You can help your elderly relatives in some way in your free time.

You can earn some money by teaching others. You can do gardening if you have the option. You can learn cooking new delicious dishes.

You can help your parents in their work or business. You can help your siblings with their study.