How can I improve my personality? What are the ways?
Rajesh Pathak
Good news. You have found that you need personality development guidance. That’s simply great because you have taken your first step towards actual success. A pleasant and humble person with great professional skills is an apple of everybody’s eyes.

Now let’s discuss how one can improve one’s personality. First analyse your past performances and failures. Note down the reasons of those failures. Anger, jealousy, comparison with others, greed, laziness, procrastination, lack of knowledge, lack of right exposure to right kind of talent, company of people showing you down all the time, not so helpful behaviour towards others can be some reasons hampering your progress.

Then note down how you can solve these personality issues. How you can avoid conflict with others? How you can be a better listener? How you can become a great speaker? How you can become a great leader? How you can become a good and lovable human being? How you can become useful to others? How you can improve your dressing sense? How you can handle angry people? How you can improve your communication skills? How you can become a provider and protector?
Google search and paid online personality development courses can also help you.

Don’t worry, the list is long, but life journey is also very long. Take one step at a time.