How can a housewife make best use of her free time?
Rajesh Pathak
There are many ways in which a housewife can make best use of her free time:
  • A housewife can involve herself in creative work and can make it profitable for herself.
  • If you are confident about your cooking skills, then you should try to use the skill to earn money. After all, you are already spending enough time in kitchen. So, putting some extra effort will help you to earn money. 
    • You can make You Tube videos of your cooking recipes. You Tube will start paying you once you reach their limit of number of views and channel subscribers. 
    • You can make food tiffin and start supplying in your nearby areas. 
    • You can start taking cooking classes at home. 
  • You can open your boutique or beauty salon to earn money in your free time.
  • If you are a confident writer, you can write your own book and get that published through self-publishing portals like Partridge publishing or similar other online publishing houses. But there is an investment involved in that. Then using their own web portals and using portals like Amazon, you can sell your books.
  • You can take home online or offline tuitions. It will help the needy children who are looking for assistance in their studies and you will earn money through the service.
Tip: Don’t take too much time to start. Simply decide your area of interest, weigh the pros and cons, complete your research on all the aspects and jump-in. More time you take, more chances will be there to drift away from your goals.