Do you agree that "leaders are born not made"?
Rajesh Pathak
Giving commands to others and getting the job done with carrot and stick approach is the easiest but ineffective form of leadership. This is what majority of people are born with and they are proud to call themselves as Leader. Bullying is not leadership.

Leadership skills include the ability to delegate, inspire and communicate effectively. Other traits include honesty, confidence, commitment, and creativity.

Proper training and on the job experience can make a good leader. Some people are born with great leadership qualities, others gain leadership skills.

How do you recognize a good leader?
  • A good leader inspires and motivates others. He knows about the tools to motivate his team.
  • A good leader knows the importance of using assertive communication instead of aggressive communication.
  • A good leader knows how to give effective and acceptable feedback to his subordinates.
  • A good leader can anticipate problems in advance and take corrective measures.
  • A good leader is someone who is loved and respected by his people, not feared.