Can physical environment at workplace affect the employee motivation level?
Rajesh Pathak
Physical environment must be positive at workplace to keep employees motivated.

Positive workplace automatically creates positive vibes for employees to work hard.

As an employee, I had worked in both positive and negative work environments. Where in positive work environment, hours of work weren't a pain, on the other hand in negative work environment even free hours used to seem like ages.

Both employees and superiors are responsible to create positive and healthy work environment at workplace. Making fun of each other, demeaning work of others, making false promises, demoting hard working employees, less training and growth opportunities, taking advantage of employee's weak moments, overburdening employees with work in the name of cost cutting are some of the unhealthy workplace practices which can hit the organization hard in the coming times.

Creating happy and fair work environment will go a long way to create harmonious relationships and long-standing partnerships.