What's Skills Hub

Join skills hub to showcase your skills on specialskills.in

Skills Hub invites both Indian and International professionals to share their skills through this website. Small business owners, freelancers, SEO management professionals and similar profiles are welcome.

If you think you can solve problems of people in your respective domain, you can deliver small or large projects, you can deliver good individual or corporate training or anything else that can help people in the corporate world and help YOU to earn, then welcome on board.

Through 'SKILLS HUB' I am also looking forward to include profiles of:
  • Soft-skill trainers 
  • Voice and Accent trainers
  • Communication skills trainers
  • Leadership skills trainers
  • Life skills trainers
  • POSH trainers
  • Computer skills trainers
  • Foreign Language trainers
  • Sales trainers
  • Animation trainers
  • Six Sigma trainers
  • SAP trainers
  • VBA developers and trainers
  • MSBI developers and trainers
  • JAVA developers and trainers
  • Python and R developers and trainers
  • SQL developers and trainers
  • Tableau developers and trainers
  • Access developers and trainers
  • Hadoop developers and trainers
  • Azure developers and trainers
  • Motivational speakers
  • Life Coach
  • NLP Practitioners

Points for professionals
It doesn't matter for above mentioned professionals whether you own website or not. Your profile can become part of this website along with your contact details. No charges to connect with clients. No commission, no deductions at any point of time. You only pay annual renewal charge of Rs.500 + Taxes every year (Non-Refundable) to show your profile on this website.

Most importantly, you are not required to reveal in your profile what you charge for your work. You can directly discuss that with your clients. You can share your contact details in your profile so that clients can contact you directly.

Joining Fee + Annual Renewal Charge: Rs.500/- + taxes (Non-Refundable). 

  1. You need to submit your portfolio which clients can go through before taking a decision of hiring you. 
  2. Please share your contact details and links to social profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook, You Tube channel, Twitter handle, etc.
  3. You need to provide one passport size photo to be included in your profile.
  4. Optionally, you can provide your talking head video in which you will introduce yourself, talk about your work experiences, what services you want to offer and any other thing that you want to add on. Duration of the video needs to be under one minute.

    Talking head video helps the client to know you better. You can use your mobile phone, digital camera or web camera to record your video. For more professional recording, you can visit a nearby audio-video recording studio.

    You can use below links to get ideas for creating video resume:

  5. You can pay annual charge of Rs.500/- + Taxes using  Instamojo link provided in 'Skills Hub' section.

Points for Clients
I don't charge clients to connect with the professionals. One can connect with any of the listed professionals directly.

*Please also read the 'Terms' at the footer of this website. Applicable to both 'Skills Hub' professionals and clients taking their services.

What's Skills Hub What's Skills Hub