Voice Over, Dubbing

Voice Over, Dubbing

For both Indian and international clients

*Please discuss with me on phone about your requirements before I hand over the project to an expert.

Price range: Rs.2,500 - Rs.15,000
Refund Policy: Please check the Purchase Flow and Refund Policy page

Email: contact@specialskills.in

Mobile: 9818052581/ Landline: 011-40105137 (Timing: 9 am to 7 pm IST, Monday to Friday)

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International Voice over/ dubbing artists (male/female)

What will professionals do for you?

Professionals will record a professional, and natural American, Arabic, British, Spanish, Latin Spanish, French, Korean, Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, Burmese, Hebrew, Bulgarian, Brazilian, Portuguese, German, Vietnamese voice over and will do dubbing.  

They will dub YouTube show from English to Arabic, all characters. They will voice a child male for cartoons dubs and more. They will voice for your cartoon dubbing needs. They will vocals house dub techno trance. They will make DJ drops, dubs or sing rap in reggae or dancehall. They will dub your kids videos into multiple languages. 

They will dub your training courses. I will voice act Naruto characters English dubbing. They will record broadcast tv or radio commercial voice over. They will record a natural, conversational female/male voice over. I will record a voice over in the style of Sir David Attenborough. They will record IVR phone system voice over.

Indian Voice over/ dubbing artists (male/female)

What will professionals do for you?

I will dub your given video from English to Urdu and Hindi. They will do Hindi cartoon voice dubbing. They will translate and do voice over and dubbing in Hindi, Gujrati. They will record or dub kids stories, funny videos in Hindi. They will do professional voice over, dialogue dubbing video time sync in Punjabi and Hindi. They will do dubbing voice over and narration in Tamil, Odiya, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam. They will do films dubbing and animation voice over.