Tech Projects, Coding, Writing

Tech Projects, Coding, Writing

Tech projects, coding services

For both Indian and international clients

*Please discuss with me on phone about your requirements before I hand over the project to an expert.

Price range: Rs.2,500 - Rs.25,000
Refund Policy: Please check the Purchase Flow and Refund Policy page


Mobile: 9818052581/ Landline: 011-40105137 (Timing: 9 am to 7 pm IST, Monday to Friday)

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What will professionals do for you?

Professionals will help you in MS access assignment and queries. They will help to finish your ms access sam project for cengage dashboard. Professionals will make your animation project. They will do your vb net and visual basic projects. They will review and clean your code. They will publish or upload your app to google playstore. 

They will do assembly, mips and computer architecture projects. They will do riscv projects and related work. They will do html, JavaScript, java swing, java fx, php, python web assignments and projects. They will make your java code in processing. They will do java, javafx, java swing mini projects with intelij idea. They will do opencv python projects. 

They will solve any programming or algorithmic problem. They will do your linux programming, c, cpp netbeans, and python assignment, programs and projects and bug fixing. 

They will design your algorithms and data structures in java, c,c plus. They will provide in depth explanations for leetcode problems and topics. They will help you in computer science, data structures, algorithms examinations. They will do theory of automata and theory of computation projects. They will help you succeed in any java, python, or Haskell task. 

They will design and develop python algorithms, tasks and project. They will do c and cpp tasks related pointers, pf, oop, and dsa programs and projects. They will do c cpp programming projects, tasks and bugs fixing. They will modify or create c, cpp and delphi programs. They will do problem solving and programming task. They will help java, spring boot, mysql, HTML, install linux software. 

They will develop enterprise application using spring and spring boot. They will help in digital logic design assignments, exams, dsa questions and labs. They will assist you making your unity project. They will create python video tutorials. They will draw a flowchart for you in a brief time. They will help with exclusive and quality content about python or c. 

They will create jupyter tutorial book for python and its libraries. They will help creatively in control engineering, matlab and python. They will do your tasks related to matlab. They will do your vhdl and verilog task as computer engineer. They will assist in programming assignments class projects and lab manuals or reports. They will write sql query, mysql, tableau, power bi. 

They will do software engineering computers science assignment project. They will develop your software using net technologies. They will do your automata, theory of computation projects professionally. They will do data entry in python html, css, java script, ml, coding. They will help you code in c plus plus, python, java, c, c sharp, java script problems. 

They will help with SAS assignments. They will help you in your java, c, ruby or haskell assignments. They will solve java, groovy, shell scripting, AWS, c, c pls ps programs step by step. They will create dashboard in jira for you. They will do any projects related to AWS, azure, gcp using python, shell, sql. They will help you in ict, coding, programming. They will code any indicator or strategy in tradingview pinescript. 

They will develop complete software or do customization for you. They will create a custom database application, for example an address book or inventory. They will develop any desktop application using dot net framework. They will code your c sharp dotnet application. They will develop windows or mac desktop applications. 

They will develop windows programs for you. They will do a custom-made indicator or strategy for ninja trader. They will create mt4, mt5 indicator or expert advisor meta trader. They will build a script extension to automate adobe photoshop mac windows. They will fix any issue with adobe captivate content. They will develop bespoke adobe illustrator scripts. They will customize and configure your dynamics 365 CRM. 

They will implement develop Microsoft dynamics 365 business central. They will write, refactor, test, or optimize python code. They will create or modify any ea for mt4 platforms. They will code forex mt4 dashboard scanner for any custom indicator. 

They will code your strategy on ctrader and turn it into a trading bot. They will do x86, mips, and arm assembly language projects. They will deliver a professional grade powerapps app. They will create a user friendly simple real estate podio CRM system. 

They will create an electronjs application. They will do your c sharp and visual basic including wpf and winforms. They will develop utility tools and calculator for desktop and web. They will do source code for fingerprint identification. They will do asp net mvc, asp net core, web api, and blazor. They will develop your software using net technologies. 

They will develop high quality open CV platform independent applications. They will develop any f sharp program including source code. They will do to add news filter, indicator, unlock ea, remove license, demo, expiration. They will make mt4 license and expire software on server. They will write ethereum smart contracts, coin, ico for you. 

They will create solidworks api macro and standalone application using API. They will do any raspberry pi development and projects. They will write a python 2 python 3 script. They will convert to code and fix logic error for ex4. They will parallelize your cpp application so it runs fast. They will make a processing or p5js sketch. They will fix or speedup your Golang code and build. They will help in machine learning or signal and image processing. 

They will provide data science, machine learning and neural networks solutions. They will create a custom SharePoint intranet for your organization. They will develop efficient python gui projects, kivy, tkinter. They will code x86 x88 assembly tasks or programs in masm. They will code any indicator, scan, or watchlist in Thinkorswim thinkscript. 

They will object detection using yolo, CNN models and opencv. They will develop professional windows form application with database. They will provide the employee management system. They will create arctools using arcpy for arcgis software. They will program your plc as you want. 

They will scan your server or computer IP address and detect vulnerabilities. They will create personalized pixel art emojis for your discord server. They will assist in mechanical engineering reports and projects. They will write high quality technical projects. 

They will assist in nuclear engineering reports and projects. They will provide a solution to materials science and chemical engineering. They will solve data science and machine learning problems in python.

They will do all your data science projects. They will model and forecast time series using arima and prophet. They will help with python, r, finance, machine and deep learning, quant, trading. I will do your data mining, ml projects in weka. 

Tech writing services

Professionals will assist with your dnp discussions and project. They will write technical proposals for software projects. They will write a medical technical paper tailored for you. They will write technology related technical essays and reports. They will create insightful market overview reports. They will edit your technical document and make it reader friendly. 

They will edit your health and wellness document. They will write a technical report on food science and nutrition. They will write formal notes of your business meeting. They will do product user manuals, technical, software copywriting. 

They will write technical reports and formulate newsletters. They will write software requirement and design document. They will help you with your tefl or tesol. They will index your book professionally. They will clean up, edit, and clarify technical writing. They will assist in mechanical engineering reports and projects. They will write high quality technical projects. 

They will assist in nuclear engineering reports and projects. They will write hvac and mep system technical report estimation quote, checklist load. They will prepare tender responses to any procurement opportunities. They will write a user manual for software, website, or application. They will help you in metallurgy, materials, and mechanical tasks. 

They will write your scientific paper in English or in Italian.