MS Excel/Google Sheets Solutions

MS Excel/Google Sheets Solutions

For both Indian and international clients

*Please discuss with me on phone about your requirements before I hand over the project to an expert.

Price range: Rs.1,500 - Rs.25,000
Refund Policy: Please check the Purchase Flow and Refund Policy page


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What will professionals do for you?

Professionals will assist you with excel spreadsheet, excel functions and formulas, forms, macros, automation using vba. They will create professional MS excel dashboard, pivot tables and charts. They will design auto calculate invoice in MS excel or in pdf. They will do fabulous and eye catching ms word, excel invoice for you. They will do data entry, typing works in ms word excel power point spss arcmap. They will create a personal or business budget in MS excel spreadsheet, Google sheets. They will do ms excel data sorting, data filter, formatting. They will do regression and time series forecasting in ms excel.


What will professionals do for you?

Professionals will build integrated business tools using Google sheet, form and publisher. They will create, update, automate or improve Google sheets. They will do data entry, create Google forms, slides, docs, sheets and convert files. They will create intuitive Google sheets spreadsheet. They will create Google sheet-based CRM for your business. 

They will do a stocks portfolio on Google sheets. They will solve your excel or Google sheets problems. They will do any work you need in Google sheets spreadsheets. They will create complex formulas for Microsoft excel or Google sheets. They will make live heat map and Google maps from spread sheet and excel. They will do your excel spreadsheet, Google sheets project using excel vba and dashboard. 

They will build a dashboard for you in Google sheets and script. They will do excel and Google sheets interactive dashboards, data analysis, app, app script, pivot charts. They will integrate custom web form with Google sheet. They will build a custom query in Google sheets. They will integrate Google sheets API. They will write scripts and macro to automate your Google sheets.

They will create apps using Google sheets and forms. They will make a custom HTML form or web app that interacts with Google sheet. They will connect keepa API to Google sheets. They will write Google apps script for sheets, docs, drive, email, calendar. 

They will integrate Google sheets with wix database. They will integrate magento 2 api with Google sheets. They will create a bot to web scrape website data into Google sheets. They will convert your Google sheets into a mobile app. 

They will extract gmail data to Google sheet. They will scan pages to excel, Google sheet. They will professionally create sheets, resumes, document in Google docs. They will create Google docs, forms, sheets, and presentations.

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