Video Editing

Video Editing

For both Indian and international clients

Subtitles/Captions (Indian and foreign languages)

Professionals will create subtitles srt, scc, vtt, files for amazon prime. They will add text, titles, logo, subtitles to video. They will subtitle your videos in English, German, Japanese, Hebrew, French, Swedish, Russian, Belarusian, Serbian, Croation, Bosnian, Greek, Portuguese, Chinese, Bahasa, Indonesia, French, Italian, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Arabic, Norwegian, or Spanish. 

They will add perfectly synced English subtitles, closed caption srt to video. They will edit your Instagram videos with captions. They will subtitle videos from English to Italian and vice versa. They will

They will do subtitles in English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Urdu, and Gujarati. They will do subtitles for Malayalam and English. They will

Video Editing

Professionals will edit your video or gameplay to be funny including memes and fx. They will blur faces, objects, or anything else in your video. They will create YouTube video chapters with timestamps, timecodes. They will edit your video podcast, edit video-hive aftereffects template, edit interviews and corporate videos, perfect music video editing, professional 4k video editing, motion graphics, travel, wedding, or family video editing, professional video editing for you tube, cinematic wedding video editing.

They will do glowing and neon scribble animation on your videos. They will professionally edit your video, vlog, travel, drone, gopro. They will edit your footage to a professional video ad. They will convert footage into meaningful, powerful, and compelling films. They will make your life or travel exciting video. They will edit your short video. They will create motivational video for you tube. They will make a you tube channel and 10 meditation music videos. They will edit your commercial or social media video. 

They will design your Instagram video ads. They will create astonishing Facebook video ad. They will do professional video editing, color grading, cinematic look. They will edit your you tube video with funny zooms and edits. They will animate your video with adobe after effects. They will edit music visualizer and music video. 

They will make template for you in DaVinci resolve to speed up your editing process. They will create 3 hrs longer 10 meditation relaxing music videos for you tube channel. They will edit music video with trending music video effects. They will create professional demo reel and promotional video. 

They will edit your cod, call of duty gameplay into a montage. They will edit your music video. They will edit video game montage and stream highlights. They will perfect video editing with professional voice over. They will do professional gaming video editing, you tube game play editor. They will make top 10 you tube list video. 

They will edit your commercial or social media video. They will create a cinematic video edit from stock footage. They will create viral top 10 faceless cash cow videos including eye catching thumbnail. They will professionally edit your zoom videos. They will edit your video podcast. 

They will do cinematic music video editing with color grading. They will edit your music video with some dope effects and transitions. They will edit a professional war-zone montage synced to the music. They will do Vfx fix or clean up video with aftereffects. They will edit your rap music video with style. They will make top 10 ranking videos for you tube. 

They will create hand drawn rotoscope animation from your video. They will create custom motion graphics template for premiere pro. They will create epic hype reels, trailers, slideshows in after effects. They will edit your Instagram, YouTube videos with captions. They will edit your Instagram video with title and progress bar. They will cinematically edit your travel videos, vlog and family. 

They will design your Instagram video ads. They will edit 360 VR videos. They will do professional editing for your corporate video. They will professionally edit and stitch your 360 videos. They will make DIY life hacks and simple invention videos. They will edit your twitch stream into funny moments and highlights for you tube. 

They will do editing of your zoom interviews, remote podcasts, and webinars. They will edit videos for instructors and presenters. They will edit your zoom video, zoom meetings, zoom recording, zoom interviews, zoom calls. They will do travel video editing, vlog, drone, gopro cinematically. 

They will create a cinematic movie trailer. They will edit your video, vlog or advertisement promo. They will make epic cinematic b roll videos. They will create amazing showreel for your company. They will be your YouTube cooking video editor. They will make your short film. They will create soccer video or football video for your YouTube channel. 

They will do stunning YouTube video editing up to 8k. They will edit and filter raw gaming video from twitch and YouTube. They will create time-lapse of your construction site from photos. They will do a professional rocket league edit. They will create face swap videos for you. They will record you video and sound of relaxing Indonesian waterfall. They will edit videoclips, documentary, drone, wedding clip, after-movie. 

They will edit corporate, company or industry videos. They will edit any anime music video style or anime wallpaper. They will edit your talking head videos. They will make product video for you. They will edit your music video hip hop, rap. They will edit your valorant, csgo, cod clips into a great montage. They will make cod or valorant montage with music sync, 3d text and vfx. 

They will make your zoom footage into a professional video. They will make a high-quality video editing, 1080p fully synced amv or intro. They will create compilation videos for YouTube. They will add glowing hand drawn animation on your dance video. They will cinematically edit your cars videos. They will do professional virtual choir project. They will make a stream highlight video. 

They will do real estate video editing with map animation and motion graphics. They will edit your screen flow videos. They will create 10-minute reddit video for YouTube. They will do perfect blotter media neon effect scribble animation video. They will make custom gta v animations and cinematic trailers. They will edit any of your fitness or sports video. 

They will create face trackin in video. They will provide professional video editing in Hindi or English. They will make a meme edit with your footage. They will create an attractive animated background. They will edit cooking tutorial videos professionally. They will edit your sniper cold war clips into an amazing montage. They will edit your video lecture for online learning. 

They will create motion graphic video and animated explainer video. They will create a high-quality video from your Matterport space. They will do an emotional video editing. 

They will create a demo reel with a experienced coaches' eye. They will do a professional csgo edit with your song. They will edit u a professional cod montage with 3d text. They will create a rocket league montage. They will do elegant video editing and vfx. They will professionally do Camtasia editing for YouTube video customization. 

They will do funny gaming video editing for YouTube. They will bring your virtual choir video to life. They will edit b roll in 24 hours. They will create video profile player your esports team. They will mask your video in premiere pro and after effect. They will edit your anime gaming reviews and YouTube videos. They will add text, titles, lower thirds, callouts to videos. 

They will edit Fortnite, apex, destiny 2 clips into stunning montage. They will edit your game stream to highlights video. They will customize edit any aftereffects or premiere pro template. They will do cinematic travel video editing with fast delivery. They will edit your drone and travel videos cinematically.

Blogs/Articles to Video

Professionals will convert blog post, text, or article into video with no words limit, with voice over. They will edit your vlog or travel video.

*Please discuss with me on phone about your requirements before I hand over the project to an expert.

Price range: Rs.1,500 - Rs.25,000
Refund Policy: Please check the 'Purchase flow and refund policy' page

Purchase Flow and Refund Policy

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