For both Indian and international clients

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Management

Professionals will quickly setup and manage google ads campaigns and PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns. They will do google ads, AdWords to generate sales. They will setup and manage your google ad manager, dfp, ad ex account. They will set up and manage profitable google ads account for you. They will set up the best converting google ads AdWords PPC campaigns. 

They will boost your business with better google ads. They will set up and manage google ad grant PPC campaigns for nonprofit. 

They will create high performing ad extensions for google ads. They will create a google ads marketing strategy and increase your ROI. They will provide agency level PPC campaign management. They will setup and optimize your google ads campaigns. They will setup an optimized German, Swedish, Deutsch Spanish, Espanol or English google ads campaign. 

They will setup Bing ads PPC campaign. They will write compelling ad copy for Facebook ads. They will create high performing ad extensions for google ads. They will set up google ads for local service and ecommerce on. They will do Apple search ads campaigns and optimization.

Product Ad Campaigns

Professionals will setup, create and manage amazon PPC campaigns ads sponsored. They will setup, create, manage, and optimize your amazon PPC advertising campaigns with low acos. Thy will create or optimize your amazon sponsored product campaign. They will setup and monitor your google/bing/facebook shopping ad campaign. 

They will fix or setup google shopping ads product listing for ecommerce store. They will do ppc for medical spas and medspa marketing. They will increase sales of shopify website by google shopping ads. They will provide complete google shopping solution. 

They will fix error and setup google shopping ads for any ecommerce store. They will optimize google shopping ads campaign and product feed. They will increase subscribers on your YouTube channel using google ads.They will write high converting 5 PPC ads for google or bing. Professionals will write compelling ad copy for your google AdWords campaign with keyword. 

They will do Dutch google ads setup and monitoring. They will setup and optimize call only ads google adwords campaign. They will build a landing page that converts for google ads campaigns.  They will setup real estate sellers lead campaign for you. They will manage social media of your restaurant. 

Ad review and optimization

Professionals will write expanded text ad copy for google ads or bing,  They will offer google ads consulting in an online meeting.  They will audit and optimize google shopping campaigns. They will audit your google ads account and fix issues. They will audit and optimize your google ads campaign in French and English.  They will fix disapproved ads in google ads and remove malware. They will get your disapproved ad account approved. They will get your google grants account reinstated. 

*Please discuss with me on phone about your requirements before I hand over the project to an expert.

Price range: Rs.9,000 - Rs.25,000
Refund Policy: Please check the 'Purchase flow and refund policy' page

Purchase Flow and Refund Policy

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