Language Sessions

Language Sessions

For both Indian and international clients

Foreign languages

Professionals will be your English, Russian, Ukrainian, Igbo, Polish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, Castilian Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hebrew, Tagalog, Portuguese tutor online. They will teach you British English quickly and effectively. They will help you to learn Arabic. They will help you learn standard and Moroccan Arabic. They will boost up your business English. They will teach British/American sign language. They will teach aviation English and radio communication.

Indian Languages

Professionals will teach Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Sanskrit, Bengali, Urdu, Malayalam. They will teach music production in Hindi and English.

*Please discuss with me on phone about your requirements before I hand over the project to an expert.

Price range: Rs.4,000 - Rs.25,000
Refund Policy: Please check the 'Purchase flow and refund policy' page

Purchase Flow and Refund Policy

Contact: Mobile: 9818052581/ Landline: 011-40105137

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