Excel Automation/ Excel Spreadsheet or Dashboard Creation

Excel Automation/ Excel Spreadsheet or Dashboard Creation

If you are not proficient in Excel, you don't have proper understanding of Excel functions, you don't know how to prepare complex dashboards, you want to get your Excel reports automated then don't worry. You can always take help from the professionals who are expert in this field.

Experts will help you to start the project from scratch and building a brand-new Excel worksheet based on your requirement or polishing your existing Excel worksheet.

Experts are there to help you with following heavy duty Excel activities:

  1. Excel Automation
  2. Complex formula building
  3. Streamlining complex Excel activities
  4. Dashboard Creation
  5. Data clean up

Pricing: Up to Rs.5,000/- (for small and medium projects only)
Refund Policy: Please check the 'Refund Policy' section in 'Professional Services' tab.

  • This service is available for both Indian and non-Indian individual clients, not for corporates.
  • Please discuss with me in detail about your requirements before I hand over the project to an expert.

Contact: Mobile: 9818052581/ Landline: 011-40105137
Email: rajeshandhiswork@gmail.com

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