eLearning Course Content and Video

eLearning Course Content and Video

For both Indian and international clients

Course Content

Professionals will write, edit, and proofread course and course content. They will create your course outline, curriculum, and lesson plan. They will write your exam quiz or lesson review questions. They will develop curriculum, module, lessons for online and offline course. They will design an eLearning course using articulate storyline. They will design a detailed lesson plan for the early childhood level. 

eLearning Video Creation

Professionals will create online course and training video. They will be your eLearning course creator. They will create an eLearning video presentation. They will create your online video course with voice over. They will turn presentations, into eLearning and training videos.

*Please discuss with me on phone about your requirements before I hand over the project to an expert.

Price range: Rs.4,000 - Rs.25,000
Refund Policy: Please check the 'Purchase flow and refund policy' page

Purchase Flow and Refund Policy

Contact: Mobile: 9818052581/ Landline: 011-40105137
Email: rajeshandhiswork@gmail.com

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