Advanced Excel Functions and Formulas

24 Sep

Total Videos: 36

Duration: 5 sessions of 2 hours each

Training Fee: Individual online training for Rs. 10,000/- and Group online training for Rs.2,500 per person for a group of minimum 4 people.

Training mode: Online training

Welcome to 'Advanced Excel Functions and Formulas' online training. 

In this online training, you will learn several useful Excel functions and you will also have the opportunity to see their real life use. You will also learn several data cleaning techniques.

What will you learn in this training?

  1. Absolute vs. Relative cell reference
  2. Formula errors
  3. Named ranges
  4. Vlookup
  5. Match
  6. Index
  7. When result column is on left of lookup column
  8. Data validation with VLOOKUP and IFERROR
  10. Retrieve data from all columns
  11. Lookup in vertical range, return from horizontal range
  12. IF function - different scenarios
  13. Using Excel functions in conditional formatting
  14. Data cleaning functions and techniques

What will you get from this training?

  1. Step-by-step training of Excel functions and formulas.
  2. Individual attention.
  3. Practice 'Excel' files used in the training.
  4. 'PDF' files containing video tutorial print-shots with step-by-step instructions.

This course is available for both male and female trainees in online format. 

Male trainees can request home visit by paying Rs.1,500/- per session.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Full advance payment needs to be made through Net Banking before beginning the training.
  2. Post payment training cancellation will attract 10% cancellation charges per person. Sessions already conducted won't be refunded.
  3. Only 2 sessions can be postponed during training. Further, Rs.200/- will be charged from the person postponing the training. This is to ensure timely completion of training.
  4. By making an additional payment of Rs.7,000/-, you can purchase the video tutorials.

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