Data Automation (Excel Macro Recording)

14 May

Total Videos: 20

Duration: 5 sessions of 2 hours each

Training Fee: Rs.10,000/ for individual online training and Rs.2,500/- per person for group online training for minimum 4 people.

Training mode: Online training

This course is available for both male and female trainees in online format. 

Male trainees can request home visit by paying Rs.1,500/- per session.


Welcome to 'Data Automation with Excel Macro Recording' training.

It's time that you learn how to automate mundane, repetitive and manual excel activities so that with a click of a button you can get the desired result, that too without doing any coding/programming. This will save you tons of productive hours to focus on more important activities.

What will you get from this training?

· Step-by-step training of excel macro recording.

· Individual attention.

· Practice files used in the training.

· PDF files containing step-by-step training videos print shots with captions.

Learning Excel using pre-recorded HD video tutorials makes the learning experience smoother and more enjoyable. Call the trainer today and step into the world of excel macro recording. In this course you will learn:

1. Macro basics

2. Absolute vs. Relative reference

3. Advanced filter macros

4. Transpose macro

5. Highlight cells macro

6. Delete blank rows macro

7. Format table macro

8. Vlookup macro

9. Create pivot table macro

10. Refresh pivot macro

11. Different pivot table views macro

12. Top ten filter macros


Terms and Conditions:

1. Full advance payment needs to be made through Net Banking before beginning the training.

2. Post payment training cancellation will attract 10% cancellation charges per person. Sessions already conducted won't be refunded.

3. Only 2 sessions can be postponed during training. Further, Rs.200 will be charged from the person postponing the training. This is to ensure timely completion of training.

4. Optionally, you can buy the video tutorials by paying Rs.7,000/- extra.


Sample video tutorial from actual training:

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