Basic Excel Training

17 Mar

Welcome to online 'Basic MS Excel' training.

Course Fee: Rs.3,000/ for individual online training and Rs.1,000 for group online training of minimum 4 people-

Duration: 2 sessions of 2 hours each.

In this course I will take you through each ribbon available in Excel and will help you to understand use of almost all the tools available in the ribbon. We will start with File ribbon tab, then we will explore Home ribbon tab, Insert ribbon tab, Page layout ribbon tab, Formulas ribbon tab, Data ribbon tab, Review ribbon tab, View ribbon tab and Developer ribbon tab.

It is very important to know about all these ribbon tabs and what they contain. Once you know the hidden gems of Excel, you will find it easy to conquer Excel. This knowledge also helps you at the time of need as you don't struggle to find the required tools when the need arises.

After that, I will help you to learn several useful Excel shortcut keys. I will also provide you a PDF copy of 200+ Excel shortcut keys. Learning Excel shortcut keys is a must for every Excel user. It is always believed that one needs to be smart on keyboard to become proficient in Excel. Excel shortcut keys help you to perform your task in much quicker manner and it makes you more proficient and fast in using Excel.

This course is available for both male and female trainees in online training format. Male trainees can request home visit, by paying Rs.1,500 per session.

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