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Specialskills.in was launched on 9th June, 2016 with only Microsoft Excel training on my mind. It was the name 'special skills' that ignited an idea in my mind later to include more services and training which are quite special and useful.

What Specialskills.in can do for you?
Specialskills.in provides both training and professional services.

Experts from different countries help people through this website to get their reports automated, create Graphics and art, Excel Dashboards, Excel or Google Spreadsheets, Whiteboard and Animated explainers, PowerPoint presentations, Photoshop editing, Infographic designing, Translation, and Transcription. Experts are there to help people with social media marketing and related services, bots creation, mobile apps creation, helping people with music/video/audio related services, website related services, fashion related services, product packaging designing related services, writing related services.

I understand that you are looking for quality work and timely delivery. That's exactly what I strive for my business clients. Your satisfaction is important for my business growth. I value you and your requirements. I personally ensure that my clients are satisfied with the services they are getting through this website. Having worked in a Leadership role in the corporate world for around seven years, I got enough exposure to several real-life problems that individual employees and teams face. This website is an effort to help people from different fields and backgrounds who are looking for solutions to their work-related issues.

I hope that you enjoy the services and we build a healthy professional relationship in coming times.

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Founder: Rajesh Pathak